RE Creatives did a spectacular job designing my series book covers. She was quick, efficient, and understood exactly what I wanted in a cover right from the start. The end result was a professional looking cover that I couldn’t be happier with. I can’t wait to work with her again on my next book cover and will certainly be recommending RE Creatives to all of my friends who are looking for cover designs. ~Sara Shirley, author of the Barriers series



Renee has such talent as a graphic artist. She designed the cover for my book Reluctant Storm,and it is one of my favorite covers to date. She is wonderful to work with and has brilliant suggestions. She took an image I chose and created a cover that I love. I can’t wait to have her create another cover for me in the near future! ~P.A Warren, author of Reluctant Storm


Renee did a fantastic job for the cover of Lost Chance. As I was freaking out about the cover because it was last minute, she had no problem taking a picture that I love and turning to a beautiful cover. She was quick and so easy to work with, her ideas were amazing! Can’t wait to work with Renee again in the future! ~Isabella Bearden, author of Lost Chance


When I found myself days away from my cover reveal, and suddenly without a graphic designer a mutual friend suggested Renee.  Not only was she able to design a cover for me fast, but it is one of the most beautiful covers of my career.  She was honest with me, directing me to what was best for my book, and I’ll be forever grateful.  This could have been a disasterous release, but because of her artistic skill and professionalism it has been one of the smoothest releases of my career.  I’d highly recommend Renee. ~K.D. Carrillo, author of Destroy Me


 I had a very specific idea of how I NEEDED my debut novel’s cover to be. I NEEDED something that was original, that would make the reader stop, look, and look again. I NEEDED the symbolism of the novel on the cover.
I was hunting and having no success in finding a cover artist who was willing to work with my idea. Renee took up the challenge, worked with me, with what I had already, and created a cover that I’m so proud to dress up my baby in! I LOVE IT. I love it so much, she’s the ONE PERSON who I will let create the covers for all my future works. She’s a MAGICIAN.
Not only is she exceptionally talented with her cover making skills, she’s an amazing author herself, and knows what it means to have the perfect cover for a book. She’s kind, and sweet, and willing to work with what the author needs. I’m so thankful that I was scrolling through the author page at that time, because she was the answer to my anxiety and stress and fear at that moment in my life. Did I mention that she’s also hilarious? Just a stellar human being. ~Kelli Jean, author of the NOLA’s Own series

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